The Permanent Supportive Housing program at Open Door Ministries began housing homeless individuals in permanent housing August, 2007. Chronic homeless individuals are those that have long periods of being homeless or have continuous repeat periods of being homeless. These individuals are housed in 1 bedroom houses or 1 bedroom apartments.


As of December 2012, the Permanent Supportive Housing Program has 24 clients permanently housed. Of the 24 clients, 14 are women and 10 are men. The Housing First program assists clients who have physical and/or mental disabilities. Once housed, the program works to surround clients with programs and services that will enable them to begin working on a self-sufficient lifestyle.

The goal of the program is to work towards the 10 year plan to end chronic homelessness in Guilford County.

Our Immediate Needs:

The program has a need for donations such as clothing, furniture, and toiletry items. Additionally, volunteers are needed for group visits or calls to provide outside support and encouragement. Some clients do not have support of their family and find themselves isolated and along much of the time. Having support and someone to talk to would greatly help our clients in their journey of self sufficiency.